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The International Association of Jesuit Universities promotes networks of collaboration between and among institution of higher education, between and among lay and Jesuit faculty and administrators in the areas of training, leadership development, and research and advocacy on issues of concern to the Society and to its members.

In addition to that, the IAJU was born to represent the membership at international meetings and colloquia and to collaborate with other institutions and associations with common purpose.


Dear colleagues and friends,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to this international gathering dedicated to advancing the internationalization of all universities. Jesuit higher education institutions already form an international network and are well-situated to take a leadership role in creating more globalized institutions, and advancing opportunities for students who are increasingly aware of their global citizenship.

There are important reasons for us to gather in Seville. We face common challenges, such as student mobility, greater access for those at the margins of society, appropriate preparation for the workforce, to name a few. We also face unique opportunities, like advances in technology, student awareness of the globalized nature of commerce, rising demand for higher education in general, and many more, impacting our educational programs.

In this effort to create greater opportunities for internationalization of the academy, Jesuit education offers something unique. A Jesuit education demands that the student see the world as a place for improving the conditions of all people, not simply the privileged. A Jesuit education demands that one see one’s accomplishments and talents as requiring that one give back to the world what one has graciously received. The graduate of a Jesuit institution is expected to contribute positively to the community and beyond by living “for others.” Or, to say it another way, the Jesuit university is under a moral imperative, not simply a social and economic one. We believe the world needs models of education that promote care for the whole person in the moral, social, intellectual and physical domains.

This is, also, an opportunity for me, on behalf of the Society of Jesus, to thank Universidad Loyola Andalucia for organizing us in order that we might make a common statement of our commitment to international education and the Jesuit values of care for the person, the common good and the planet. And, thank you for coming to this international assembly of the EAIE.

I look forward to seeing you in Seville.


Michael J. Garanzini, S.J.
Secretary for Higher Education
Society of Jesus